Class Action Settlements, Recalls, and Repair Extensions

Apple Repair Extension Programs

Apple has several active repair extension programs. These are automatic warranty extensions for specific Apple products with known flaws. Follow this link to see if you are covered. Among the covered products are Intel-based iMacs, MacBook Pros, MacBooks, Apple Headphones, and Apple iPhone chargers.

Expired Extensions and Claims

There are numerous settlements for which the deadline to file claims has passed. Even though the settlement claim period is over, these might still be useful because they can tell you if a product has a known flaw. You can see the full list here

Useful Links...

Attention, Amazon shopper!: If you shop on Amazon, visit the site by clicking this link and help out your favorite Computer Doctor!

How about them Apples? If you are interested in buying anything by Apple, use this link and help your Doctor out!

Deal-Mac, Deal-News: I've found this the best place to find deals on practically everything. First website that I go to in the morning.

Symantec Security Response: Virus software out of date? Run a free online virus scan here as well as download helpful virus removal tools. Download the latest version of the Norton Product you have here

Backblaze is our current favorite backup program. Instead of deciding what to backup, it backs up everything on your computer unless you tell it not to. $50 a year is an incredible value for this peace of mind

KU Virus Center: This is where KU affiliated people can get the latest virus info and download software

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware: Malware and other spyware involves over 75% of our computer repair calls on Macs and PCs. This helps remove it.

Data Recovery

DriveSavers Data Recovery DriveSavers is the premier service for data recovery. Using the above link waives the attempt fee as well as saves you 10% on the service. Professional data recovery can be expensive, but feel free to contact me for tips and tricks to save money on the recovery. While DriveSavers does provide us a small incentive and commission for clients we refer, I firmly believe in their product when full data recovery become necessary.

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