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Philosophy of our Technicians

We work with people who own computers, not computers. You'll find we don't believe in technology for technology's sake. Dave and his techs listen to clients' needs and offer solutions. We're not going to prescribe you the latest and hottest "drug" on the market - unless it meets your specific needs. We'll work to make sure you understand what I am doing and why. No techno-babble or jargon. Check out what Dave has written to see examples.

We also believe in "wellness" or as Dave likes to say, "Proactive technical support." We'll help you prevent problems before they occur. Dave will remind you when your virus software is about to expire, work with you on a backup strategy, and help you separate the hype from reality.

For those things which we don't regularly work on and we can't provide you with exemplary service, we'll refer you to one of our partners so that we can take a integrated approach to your needs. Instead of passing the buck, we'll pass the ball.

Dave's Background and Experience

Dave Greenbaum "official" bio:

Dave has been providing on-site computer service and support since 1980 and have been serving Northeast Kansas since 1990. Dave's neither new to the field nor some fly-by-night-here-today-gone tomorrow company.

Originally starting with a TRS-80 and an Apple II, Dave now works on Macintoshes, Windows PCs, smartphones and both wired and wireless networks.

Making "mouse calls" is Dave's full time job and he loves every minute of it. DoctorDave has been in thousands of homes and businesses doing computer repairs and understands the unique aspects of on-site service. Don't worry about cleaning the house - we've seen it all before.

Because of Dave's broad range of both personal and business clients, he brings to the table real-world solutions. Dave tends to see the problems unique to home office/small offices that the "big guys" don't usually see. For example, you'd be amazed at how many changes a grandson can make to a computer in a very short period of time!

Find out more about Dave's rates and services.

Dave first started in the industry by providing computer support to teachers and staff, since most schools at the time were extremely limited in their computer support resources (I guess little has changed over the years!) and was hired to be a Computer Lab Manager at Johnson County Community College.

While taking a year off to attend KU Law School, the pull of the computing industry was too strong and Dave returned to the field to be the Director of Academic Computing for Kansas City Art Institute, assisting them with implementation of a 2-million dollar technology grant.

After leaving KCAI, he had a short career at H & R Block, acting as the final level of support for the Worldwide Headquarters - a desk job that allowed him to talk with people from all over the world.

Wearing a shirt and tie and being tied to a phone all day did not "suit" Dave. He realized that he was happiest providing one on one computer support and took an opportunity to work for a company called Geeks on Wheels. He transformed the company from a "one guy in the back" operation to a powerhouse, expanding the company to Kansas City as well as the Colorado Front Range, and he managed a staff of 10 people. He also wrote a computer Question and Answer column for (and is still featured in many Lawrence Journal World,, articles.

"Geeks" was eventually merged into another company and changed its focus, and thus Dave moved on to a similar on-site support company and finally realized again, that he likes to have a one-on-one relationship with his customers. His customers are absolutely delighted to work with Dave directly, and knowing that scheduling and phones calls are answered by the owner is extremely important.


In memorium 2014

One of the things Dave love about his job is meeting the pets. As a pet owner he know the first thing you do when someone comes over is feel you need to put the dog away. Nah, don't worry about it. Daves love the dogs keeping him company while he work. Occasionally, they'll have to go in the other room if we have the CPU open . Not only will it cause a static charge if they rub against us, but we've actually had a cat jump into a live computer onetime while Dave was working. The computer was ok (amazingly!), but the cat got the shock of her life.

Please do, though, keeps the snakes and tarantulas in their cages. Again, through experiences we'd rather not repeat, Dave can promise you there is no surer way to distract someone than to have something crawl or slither up your leg.

Public Relations

Here's where you'll find articles written by Dave or about Dave

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  • MSN interviewed Dave in a story about guerrilla marketing. in summer of 2011.
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