Dave Greenbaum is uniquely qualified to do computer repairs on Macintosh computers in Lawrence, Kansas as well as over all Northeast Kansas Region (Kansas City, Leawood, Olathe etc). He's been an Apple Technician since 1984 (yep, he's been there from the beginning) with Mac hardware and software is unparalleled and he can assist you with all your Apple needs. DoctorDave is 100% focused on service , and does not sell Macintoshes in order to stay unbiased and focused on computer repair and solving issues with unprecedented customer service. Over 25 years experience working for you!


Small Office, Home Office and Residential Mac experience you can count on

  • Dave Greenbaum has been a Apple Macintosh user since 1984, having first supported them for his High School yearbook. The first Macintosh he actually owned was a Mac IIvx. He later upgraded that to a Centris 650 and then eventually a Power Macintosh 7100 simply by swapping parts. Currently he uses quite a few Macs: a Macbook, an iMac, a Mac Mini, as well as a PowerMac 7200 that was upgraded to a G3. He's proud to say in his basement he owns a model of almost every Macintosh made. He's got a Mac Plus running System 6.0. Why? Just in case someone needs parts from one of these older systems
  • In the area of Software, Dave's seen and worked on it all: from the early beginnings of System 6.0 through the "classic" operating systems of 7, 8, and 9. He worked with clients switching from Classic Applications to OS X based applications. Whether it was 10.1 (Puma), 10.2 (Jaguar), 10.3 (Panther), 10.4 (Tiger) 10.5 (Leopard) 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 107 (lion): Dave has helped his clients through it all. He can troubleshoot strange glitches and error messages as well as train users.
  • In the hardware arena, Dave's experience is both wide and deep. Whether it's installing RAM, replacing a failed hard drive, swapping out a power supply, or replacing a cracked screen, Dave's skills are truly legendary.

    Apple Certified Support Professional amd iPhone and iPad Expert

  • Dave is proud to have earned the title of Apple Certified Support Professional from Apple. Dave's 25+ years experience, combined with his certification from Apple and membership in the Apple Consultants Network makes him part of an elite cadre of support professionals who have access to resources that other support providers simply don't have. Additionally, Dave works directly with the Apple store in Leawood and the Plaza to provide Apple Store solutions at your location. He doesn't sell Macs , but coordinates Personal Shopping Appointments for individuals and consultations for businesses with Apple store staff. If your Apple product is under warranty, he'll even help you get it repaired at no charge to you.

    Community Involvement

  • Dave is one the leaders in the Northeast Kansas Macintosh community. He was an original member of the Lawrence Apple User's Group in the 1990s and re-chartered the group in 2003. Dave even met his spouse (who is also a Mac user!) through the User Group.
  • Not only is Dave respected for his Macintosh skills in Lawrence, but he's known internationally as a commentator and reviewer for such well respected websites as the AppleBlog and GigaOM, Macsimum News, and MacNN.
  • Since the beginning of Dave's professional Mac career, many businesses who say they are committed to Mac have come and gone. Anyone remember MacSource from downtown Lawrence? Dave's got their sign in his basement! Now more places than ever sell and claim work on Macs, but none of them have the background, experience and commitment of Dave. He's been doing it professionally since 1990 and is 100% committed to the Macintosh platform. He'll continue to be there, supporting you, long after those other stores have come and gone.

    Mac "Switchers" Service

  • To those thinking of moving to the Mac platform, or who have recently switched, Dave says "Welcome to Macintosh!" With Dave's experience on the PC platform, he'll be able to move and convert your data as well as train you on all things Macintosh. Not only that, he'll help you make your existing Windows PCs and Macs work together. Tricky tasks like converting emails, address books and documents are standard services he offers to switchers. Getting that old PC printer to work with the Mac: not a problem for Dave!

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